Sunday 23rd January 2011.Kent-wide Sunday newspaper, with their take on the formation of Bexley Invicta FC, here.

In the media

Thursday 20th January 2011. Bexley Invicta FC story in local paper, here. Third story on their website, see here. Online article, here.

Thursday 20th January 2011. Brian Silk interviewed on the Julia George programme. Click here.

First media coverage was from this national gay news website, here.

Thursday 20th January 2011. Another local paper covers Bexley Invicta FC, here.

Aslie Pitter MBE Trophy vs Bexleyheath Police FC, May 2011

This local paper broke the story of the match, Wednesday 11 May 2011. See page 22 of their digital edition, here.

Founding of the club, January 2011

First competitive fixture, home to GFC Bournemouth and Hampshire, March 2011

Read pre-match coverage in this national gay news website, here.

The gay news source covers the forthcoming match, here.

Excellent pre-match article on the Met’s website, here.

The Bexley Times gives us post-match column inches, here. This article has been syndicated in several London papers. Nice to see it in the sports pages!

Thorough post-match coverage from the Met’s website, here.

A nice piece on the Kick It Out website, here.

A local paper doesn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story, here. For the record, our goalkeeper was not the man of the match, but our man of the match. Riddled with inaccuracies, this article trivialises the day. It misses the main point of the fixture, and scurrilously implies that DS Williams thought the result was “brilliant,” whereas he was referring to the event as being brilliant - see Met article.

Kent Football Association welcomes the formation of Bexley Invicta FC,  in ‘yourcanterbury,’ on 26 June, here.

Bexley Invicta FC
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In the media

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The News Shopper finally prints a decent piece about the club: a feature on us, homophobia in football and a plug for our dinner, here. covers our admission to the London Unity League, here.

Influential Erith blogger, Hugh Neal, features club Chairman, Brian Silk, and the club in his weekly column:

The Bexley Times provides coverage of our first-ever fixture in a competitive league, here. Not quite true that it’s our first competitive game.

An excellent article about the start of our first Season in the London Unity League, from our local newspaper, here.

Brian Silk interviewed on 20 October 2012. Click here.

On 27 February 2013, the News Shopper covers our first trophy gain, as Bristol Challenge Cup 2013 Runners Up. See here.

3 March 2013. Erith blogger, Hugh Neal, covers our success in the Bristol Challenge Cup

Aslie Pitter MBE Trophy vs Bexleyheath Police FC, May 2014

Pre-match story about the Aslie Pitter MBE trophy match in one of our local newspaper, here.

A further pre-match story from Bexley’s local press, here.

Nice post-match coverage of our victory, here.

Spot-on excellent post-match coverage from the Met’s website, here.

Bexley Times focus on the fixture, and how it tackles homophobia in football and helps relations between the police and LGB&T community, here.